Affordable carbon wheels
directly from the factory

Professional carbon wheelset starting from 1390 grams per set with maximum rider weight up to 110 kg (depending on model).
2 years warranty for a ride without worries.

Price: Tubular Wheelset:
from 699 EUR
Clincher Wheelset:
from 799 EUR
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You’ll Love Riding Your Equator Wheels


While Equator wheels are incredibly light, we strike a great balance with durability. Saving weight on rotating components is felt almost twice as much as on static parts.


Strength and low deformation of carbon means smaller losses when transmitting power. This maximises the amount of your energy being converted into going faster.


Higher profiles means better aerodynamics. Not only does it help you save time, but the design also increases stability and control, especially at higher speeds.


We have an international service network to help keep your wheelset in tune with you bike. We also make sure to use globally available components.


Pro Bike Czech: Custom carbon Favorit F3 Cyclo Cross of CX national champion Pavla Havlikova


These are simply tubular racing wheels with great acceleration. Low weight is a big advantage in hills where it saves lots of power.

20 years of experience in building
carbon wheels

We have more than 20 years of experience making carbon components for well known brands, with over 70 of our own patents. 7 years ago we started selling our own brands; Equinox and then Equator. There are many expensive components on the market; we wanted to offer an affordable option without compromising on weight, quality and safety. Equator offers affordable carbon wheels for everyone.

Equator 50 mm
  • The rim is made of quality Japanese Toray T700 and T800 carbon fibres. Prepreg (weaving of the sheets of carbon) is done in our factory meaning the manufacturing process is fully under our control.

  • Resin used on the rim body is enhanced with Nanocarbon tubes (NCT) which significantly increase stiffness, resistance to shattering and allow us to use less resin and therefore make lighter wheels.

  • PowerWay R13 hubs weigh 285 grams and they make a fine-tuned system with sealed Enduro bearings.

  • Sapim spokes are beautifully crafted and you can get them anywhere. External spoke nipples allow tensioning without removing the tyre.

Equator 50 mm
  • A basalt brake track increases mechanical and heat resistance along with resin which has a higher transition glass (Tg) temperature, providing durable and effective breaking performance.

  • We use a “Pressure Bag Molding” method when baking the wheels. It means that inside every rim a support is inflated to push it against the outer mold. This minimizes the amount of unwanted resin in the system, keeping the weight down. After hardening is complete the support is deflated and taken out so no excessive material or even foam template is left inside.

  • A toroidal “U” shape has better aerodynamics than the standard “V” shape or other profiles. Similar to why plane wings are not sharp but round at the front.

  • Finally, holes are reinforced with additional layers of carbon that prevent breaking the nipple bed during strong pulling or high torsion.

The secret of high prices from big brands

It’s usually like this: Wheels are made by manufacturer ($), then sent to country distributors ($$) sold by sales people ($$$) and then shipped to stores and e-shops ($$$$), who will sell them to customers. Let’s not forget about marketing and sponsoring where big brands spend incredible sums of money. ($$$$$).

All of these costs come back to the customer.


We at Equator do it differently. You will still get good wheels but don’t pay that much for a logo. Or a whole line of middlemen. Or expensive marketing. Or professional teams that get paid for wearing our logos on their jerseys. On the other hand it doesn’t end for us with the sale – we will provide you with service and advice to make sure you get the best possible experience.



Model Rim (height x width x inside) Weight / Pair Max. Rider Weight
Equator 30 (tubular) 30 x 25 mm 1390 g 95 kg
Equator 45 (tubular) 45 x 25 mm 1430 g 100 kg
Equator 80 (tubular) 80 x 25 mm 1620 g 105 kg
Equator 45 disc (tubular-disc) 45 x 25 mm 1490 g 105 kg
Equator 45C disc (clincher-disc) 45 x 24 x 16 mm 1630 g 110 kg
Equator 35C (clincher, tubeless ready) 35 x 27 x 19 mm 1590 g 100 kg
Equator 50C (clincher, tubeless ready) 50 x 27 x 19 mm 1660 g 110 kg

Maximum weight difference from the listed one is up to 7%.

Model Profil ráfku Hmotnost / pár Váhový limit jezdce
Equator 45 (galuska) 25 x 45 mm 1430 g 100 kg
Equator 50 (galuska) 21 x 50 mm 1390 g 95 kg
Equator 80 (galuska) 25 x 80 mm 1620 g 105 kg
Equator 38C disk (plášť-disk) 16 x 24 x 38 mm 1590 g 100 kg
Equator 45C (plášť) 16 x 24 x 45 mm 1610 g 105 kg
Equator 50C (plášť) 19 x 27 x 50 mm 1660 g 110 kg
Common parameters
Finish: Matte black (UD)
Rim: Full-carbon rim, Japanese Toray T700 and T800 fibers, NCT (Nanocarbon Tube) enhanced epoxy lowers weight and prevents shattering
Braketrack: Basalt in combination with thermal resistant resin
Manufacturing method: Pressure Bag Forming
Hubs: PowerWay R13 for Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo
Bearings: Sealed Enduro bearings (2 front, 4 back)
Spokes: SAPIM Race or CX Ray for disc brakes
Holes: 20/24 (front/back), 24/24 for disc brakes
Maximum pressure: Up to 8 bar for clinchers, for tubulars follow the manufacturer's suggestions
In package: Quick-releases, brake pads (8 pcs), rim tape (only for clinchers)

Order now, the shipping is included

Price is without VAT and import costs. We ship from our EU warehouse. Maximum weight difference from the listed one is up to 7%.

All wheels are
built by hand

2 years warranty
on construction defects

Common parts for
easy service

14 days to return
unused wheels

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Alex Ciherean

Founder and Managing Director Mooloolaba GmbH