Equator Franchising

Who Are We?

Equinox Europe is the direct manufacturer and distributor of Equinox and Equator wheels. Being a joint venture with one of the biggest carbon composite factories in the world, Gigantex, gives us access to the best prices considering world-class quality and technology of our carbon rims. This is our direct-from-the-factory model that keeps prices down while delivering incredible value.


The traditional distribution model is broken; people are used to buying stuff online and they don’t want to pay astronomical margins to middlemen along the way to their dream bike or parts. On the other hand, customers also want reasonable service that solves their problem in days, not weeks. Who are we and how are we addressing these needs?

Equator philosophy

1. Provide incredible value

  • We keep the company lean and distribution smart. No wasted money on unnecessary bureaucracy. We don’t do paid sponsorship because the expense goes to the customer in the end. Our marketing is our happy riders, not ads in magazines or logos on pro-team jerseys.
  • We carefully select components to provide a good balance of reliability and affordability.

2. Be absolutely reliable

  • We make sure that components are easy to obtain and replace, making it easier to maintain a bike, no matter where you venture to.
  • We never compromise on safety. Ever. Even if that means not being the cheapest or lightest on the market. The health of our customers is our ultimate priority.

3. Keep it honest

  • We speak openly about what we do. We have nothing to hide and we are always honest with our customers.
  • We are easy to reach. We put our faces and phone numbers on the website. Because people want to know who they are talking to and they trust us with our expertise and advice.

4. Stay fun

  • We also want to have fun. We love what we do, we trust our products and we love selling them because we believe it makes the rides of our customers truly delightful.

Become our partner

Everything you see and click here can be translated into another language in a week. We don’t require our partners to buy products to have on stock. You will get commission starting from 80 EUR per every pair of wheels sold in your country. If 100 pairs of wheels are sold in Germany, our exclusive German partner will get commission on 100 pairs of wheels. The main thing we ask from you are basic marketing activities, because you know the local market the best.

Do you have experience and contacts in your country’s cycling world? Do you like the Equator philosophy? Then shoot us an email and let’s talk!

Our Responsibility

  • Website maintenance
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Billing customers
  • Reporting sales in your country
  • Providing assets and consulting for promotional activities (graphical assets and guidance)

Your Responsibility as a Partner

  • Customer support and communication on a daily basis
  • Website translation (you will be provided with complete texts in English)
  • Maintaining local social media channels
  • PR (media relations) and advertising in your country (paid advertising, mostly Facebook)
  • Running local service center (optional)

Sounds good? We are looking for local partners in following countries
Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia.

So if you happen to live there please drop us a line!
– Milan, Jan and Lidy.


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Milan Šimek

CEO of Equinox Europe,
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