Equator 45T mm carbon wheelset disc

Universal clincher wheels for most occasions and terrains. Great choice popular among disc brake wheels with easy maintenance.

Key properties

  • Weight 1490 g 
  • 45 x 25 mm
  • 110 kg
  • 14 days to return unused wheels
  • All wheels are build by hand
  • 2 years warranty on construction defects
  • EU service centers

Model benefits


45s offer optimum balance between aero and control even in windier conditions. Stiff and stable but also have reasonable damping.


Disc brakes offer fast and safe riding during wet conditions. Disc brakes prolong rim lifespan because there is no wear on the rim.


10 years of experience, more than 70 patents and less than 1% of returns. We are doing maximum for your performance.



Equator carbon wheels will satisfy you with excellent price/performance ration. What are their other advantages?

Petr Vabroušek

Petr Vabroušek

Professional triathlete

Great performance for unbeatable price

In previous 30 years in a professional triathlon I was racing on wheels of the most famous cycling brands. When I discovered Equator I found out that in a comparison with other, more expensive wheels, Equator are not riding slower and are not heavier.

Logo Tour


In big test of 16 carbon wheels in a German Tour magazine Equator won an award for price/performance ratio. Great aerodynamics, durability and outstanding results in a breaking tests was something that helps for overall third place too.


Matte black (UD)
Full-carbon rim, Japanese Toray T700 and T800 fibers, NCT (Nanocarbon Tube) enhanced epoxy lowers weight and prevents shattering
Brake track:
Basalt in combination with thermal resistant resin
Manufacturing method:
Pressure Bag Forming
PowerWay R13 for Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo
Sealed Enduro bearings (2 front, 4 back)
SAPIM Race or CX Sprint for disc brakes
20/24 (front/back), 24/24 for disc brakes
Maximum pressure:
Up to 8 bar for clinchers, for tubulars follow the manufacturer's suggestions
In package:
Quick-releases, brake pads (8 pcs), rim tape (only for clinchers)


The rim is made of quality Japanese Toray T700 and T800 carbon fibres. Prepreg (weaving of the sheets of carbon) is done in our factory meaning the manufacturing process is fully under our control.

Resin used on the rim body is enhanced with Nanocarbon tubes (NCT) which significantly increase stiffness, resistance to shattering and allow us to use less resin and therefore make lighter wheels.

PowerWay R13 hubs weigh 285 grams and they make a fine-tuned system with sealed Enduro bearings.

Sapim spokes are beautifully crafted and you can get them anywhere. External spoke nipples allow tensioning without removing the tyre.


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Milan Šimek

CEO of Equinox Europe,
former competitive cyclist