Equator wheels are built from parts that are easy to get basically anywhere in the world. Below you will find information about the components and also a quick user guide.

Flat shipping fee for EU is €29.

Maintenance and installation

1. Cassette

Follow the manufacturer instructions or visit a bike shop.

2. Installing tires or tubulars

Follow the manufacturer instruction or visit a bike shop. For tubulars we recommend using a TUFO adhesive tape which is not as aggressive as some glues and makes removal easier on the rim. Recommended pressure: 8 bar for clinchers, for tubulars follow manufacturer instruction.

3. Installing wheels into the frame

Use supplied quick releases or use a professional service.

4. Brake Pad Installation

Use only supplied brake pads. Using brake pads other than the included ones can lead to damage of the brake track. For clincher wheels please follow the yellow sticker on the rim and make sure that brake pads are installed below this mark.

5. Maintenance

  • Take good care of your wheels: regularly clean them, especially after riding in rain or a dusty environment. Don’t use pressurized water to clean the hubs.
  • Keep the brake track and brake pads clean. Check brake pads regularly, clean any dirt and debris—sharp particles might destroy your brake track. Change brake pads immediately when the grooves are no longer visible.
  • Check bearings. Especially in wet or dusty conditions check, clean and oil moving parts with vaseline.
  • If the wheel doesn’t run straight, true it personally or use a professional service.
  • If braking is jerky or you hear squeaking, check the brake track and brake pads. The noise is usually due to debris or layers of foreign matter on the rim and brake pads. Use soft sandpaper to clean it off, or use a professional service.
  • When the rim is damaged structurally (cracks due to hitting a hard object) stop the ride immediately and contact our service center.
  • When braking in long downhills always let the rim cool by fully releasing the brake levers after each turn. Long continuous aggressive braking can destroy any carbon rim when extreme temperature is reached. Heat damage is not covered by warranty. Contact our service center if this happens.

Spare parts and their prices

Brake pads

Use only supplied brake pads which are specifically designed for our wheels. Using different brake pads can destroy your rims.

Price per pair (2 pcs, left + right): €9

Spokes, nipples, washers

Spokes and Nipples: Sapim Race or DT Competition, SAPIM CX RAY or DT Aero Comp in disc brake models.

Model Spokes front Spokes back
casette side
Spokes back
left side
Equator 45
tubular (WH 136)
266 mm 269 mm 264 mm
Equator 50
tubular (WH 005)
259 mm 261 mm 256 mm
Equator 38 C
disc (WH 208)
274 mm 276 mm 270 mm
Equator 45 C
clincher (WH 150)
266 mm 269 mm 264 mm
Equator 50 C
clincher (WH 261)
259 mm 261 mm 256 mm
Equator 80 232 mm 235 mm 232 mm

Thanks to external nipples it’s easy to true your wheels. After the first few rides the wheels might need some truing after which they usually remain straight for many thousands of kilometers.


PowerWay R13 hubs are well known and a widely used model which is solid and easy to obtain.

Front hub price: €52
Back hub price: €78

Casette body

PowerWay R13 with 3 pawls.

Nut price Shimano / SRAM / Campagnolo: €44


Sealed Enduro bearings are used in all Equator models. Specific parameters are below:

Model Bearings front Bearings rear
Equator 45
tubular (WH 136)
Enduro 699 2 pcs Enduro 6802 2 pcs
Enduro 6902 2 pcs
Equator 50
tubular (WH 005)
Enduro 699 2 pcs Enduro 6802 2 pcs
Enduro 6902 2 pcs
Equator 38 C
disc (WH 208)
Enduro 6803 2 pcs Enduro 6803 1 pc
Enduro 17287 3 pcs
Equator 45 C
clincher (WH 150)
Enduro 699 2 pcs Enduro 6802 2 pcs
Enduro 6902 2 pcs
Equator 50 C
clincher (WH 261)
Enduro 699 2 pcs Enduro 6802 2 pcs
Enduro 6902 2 pcs
Equator 80
Enduro 699 2 pcs Enduro 6802 x 2 pcs
Enduro 6902 X 2pcs


Clincher rim: €279
Tubular rim, below 80 mm: €216
Tubular rim, 80mm: €279

Rims are a servicing component not to be sold separately

Warranty and service

Our service center will always contact you with a suggested solution and a price offer.

Wheels should be clean, otherwise cleaning fee of 200 Kč per pair will be added.

When servicing please attach the following information (print or write them down) and add a copy of your receipt.


The pricing is for work only, price of the components will be added accordingly.

Lacing and truing: €30
Individual spoke change and truing: €5 – 15
Hub change (see “Lacing and Truing”)
Tubular system and glue removal: €10
Tubular system installation: €5
Bearings change: €13
Packing and handling fee: €8
Flat shipping fee: €10

Warranty and service protocol

Please download and fill this card or simply write the necessary information on a paper and put it into the package.

Download: Service card in PDF


Warranty conditions

Covered by warranty

The 2 year warranty covers construction defects. The buyer must show a proof of transaction (electronic receipt that we send is sufficient). The warranty period starts with the date of purchase.

Not covered by warranty

  • Damage due to fall, impact, insufficient service, usage for different purpose than intended, not following usage instructions.
  • Parts that are subject to normal wear and tear: Brake pads, spokes, bearings, brake track, decals, cosmetic imperfections of the surface.
  • Loss of spoke tension.
  • Goods that were modified in any way or with incompatible components.
  • Goods with damaged or removed serial number
  • Brake track damage due to usage of incompatible brake pads and/or improper brake pad installation / placement.
  • For normal brake track wear and tear, damage due to aggressive braking without full release of brakes.
  • For damage to the contact carbon layer when removing glued tubular system (usually result of using too aggressive adhesive or glue remover). We recommend using tub tape (e.g. TUFO) which is proven to work well.
  • Weight difference lower than 7% of the listed weight.

All repairs not covered by warranty are billed to the customer.

Service center

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