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In previous 30 years in a professional triathlon I was racing on wheels of the most famous cycling brands. When I discovered Equator I found out that in a comparison with other, more expensive wheels, Equator are not riding slower and are not heavier.

Petr Vabroušek

Petr Vabroušek

Professional triathlete

Equator carbon wheels test: we tried out wheels that will not ruin your pocket

Equator carbon wheels will satisfy you with excellent price/performance ration. What are their other advantages?

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In big test of 16 carbon wheels in a German Tour magazine Equator won an award for price/performance ratio. Great aerodynamics, durability and outstanding results in a breaking tests was something that helps for overall third place too.

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Racing wheels on which you can accelerate very easily. Low weight is clear in the climbs where it can helps you to save a lot of energy.

Which wheels are right for you?

  • Hills Thanks to low weight and high rigidity, low profiles around 30 - 35 mm are great for hills and windy weather I'm climber
  • Univerersal The most universal height for bothy hobby and pro cyclists are 45 - 55 mm. Stable wheels with great traction and vibration dampening maintaining low weight. I'm universal
  • Tri and time trial For these disciplines, high profile like 80 mm are the best. Top-notch aerodynamics, great traction and momentum. I'm triathlete

Clincher, tube or tubeless?

  • Clincher wheels Are heavier but easy to service in case of puncture. Suitable for hobby riders. Clincher wheels
  • Tubular wheels Tubes are lighter and therefore used by pro teams and fans of classic cycling. The weight save is about 200 - 300 g compared to clinchers. Tubular wheels
  • Tubeless wheels (tubeless-ready) Great riding capabilities. Good dampening and low rolling resistance. The only con is the first fitting. Reasonable solution for hobby riders with high mileage. Tubeless wheels

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Milan Šimek

CEO of Equinox Europe,
former competitive cyclist